Branchton Village Land Trust

Branchton Village Land Trust owns and maintains a rich upland deciduous forest in North Dumfries Township, in the Region of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada


Letter from the President

Posted by Paul Eagles on October 31, 2011 at 6:20 PM

Message from the President

October 31, 2011

The objectives of the land trust are to ensure thepreservation of the land, forest, animal and plant life found within the nineacres of the forest lands. We also wanted to ensure the lands were nevercommercially logged. With the newly produced “Branchton Village Land TrustBotanical Report”, we now know just how significant this parcel of land is andare proud to have protected it during this time.

It should also be noted that wildlife has flourished withinthe woods. Deer, wild turkeys and a large variety of birds amongst others, maketheir home in the forest.

For us, as residents and homeowners, it is nice to know thatstudies dealing with real estate values, properties, not just those abuttingsuch forested lands, are significantly more valuable when they are near this type of land feature.

However, with the responsibility of managing the Trust comesthe function of protecting the forest from encroachments, dumping, hunting andtrespassing. Twice each year we walk the forest to pick up garbage andneighbour’s garden clippings. We do not appreciate the dumping but, more over,the clippings interfere with the natural vegetation as they re-seed and grow.The no trespassing notices on the land is a necessity for the Trust and its Directors to enforce, as we do not want to see anyone be injured or place any undue liability on the Trust and Directors. While we have always had this policy, we will be posting NO TRESSPASSING signs in the fall of 2011.

The good news is that anyone wishing a tour of the woods cancontact Dr. Paul Eagles. He would be more than happy to accommodate where andwhen possible. Another good way to see the woods is to help us clean up the woods when we do our spring and fall cleanup. We would welcome your help.

Thank You

James Voll


Branchton Village Land Trust


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